IV therapy

IV therapy consists of intravenous administration of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. It can be used to optimize health, prevent sickness, as well as correct nutrient deficiencies. Giving nutrients intravenously means 100% absorption of them and enables complete hydration of the body. This is important because there are many digestive conditions that prevent proper absorption of nutrients, leading to a decline in health. The higher doses achievable through IV therapy enables cells to achieve improved intracellular levels of nutrients, which is essential for their proper function and healthy maintenance status.

IV therapy is a way for the body to be “flooded” with nutrients, thereby improving biochemical pathways by providing it with the cofactors and elements it needs to perform normal physiological processes, thus enabling hormonal balancing, neurotransmitter and mood stabilization, and prevention of DNA damage and disease.


  • Medicines are prepared in a clean hood in our facility

  • Our IV sets are specially designed to filter micro-particles to prevent them from going in your blood stream

  • 100% absorption of nutrients and hydration of the body

  • Increase energy and performance

  • Increases the detox process of the liver

  • Increase tissue healing

Signature IV therapies we offer:

  • Enhanced Myer’s cocktail
    A boost in nutrition levels in body for daily life, increases energy levels and hydrates.
  • Liver detox formula
    Helps with the liver detox process, boosts immune systems, and helps with skin healing and brightening.
  • Hormone support IV
    Magnesium and Taurine boost GABA which is the calming neurotransmitter your brain needs as it adjusts to the great progesterone crash in your 40s.
  • Celluar health support IV
    Helps maintain a healthy cellular function, helps with treating chronic conditions, liver diseases, and vascular diseases such as hyperlipidemia.

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