Anti-aging inside and out

Located in the heart of Vancouver, with over 3000sft of space, Infinity Clinic’s main purpose is to create beauty, rejuvenate, and restore health and vitality in people. All aesthetic procedures and naturopathic treatments are individualized for each patient. We are the one stop solution to your health and beauty!

Clinic environment

Aiming excellence in facial rejuvenation

Through the measurements of golden ratios of the face, Dr. Cordero rejuvenates the entire face with his methods of injections. We offer dermal filler and botox injections. Rejuvenation in the hands of a good doctor makes beauty long-lasting and natural looking.

Laser technologies

IV therapies

In Infinity Health and Cosmetics, we offer a variety of IV therapies. We personalize health plans for each patient, and follow-up long termly with each case of ours. Our IV filter system and laminar flow hood provide patients with more safety during IV procedures.

  • Infinity Clinic is a bi-lingual (English and Chinese) clinic, we offer a no obligation free initial consultation. Fees are an estimate only and may be more depending on your situation. Please call to make your complimentary consultation at 604-670-0400, thank you.

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