Dr. David Cordero ND[BC], ND[Washington State USA]

Naturopathic Doctor on Board


Dr. Cordero, or Dr. Co for short has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years, his main practice has been focused on Asian beauty and face rejuvenation techniques for almost 10 years. Asians are famous for their pursue for perfection in youth and beauty, and this is what Dr. Co is famous for in the community. Dr. Cordero is a cosmetic surgeon from Columbia, before he practiced cosmetic surgery he was specialized in immunology for a long time, later on, he obtained the title as naturopathic physician in BC and in Washinton State [USA].

As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Co holds several certificates including prescription rights, IV therapy, chelation, PRP injection, prolotherapy, ozone and oxidative therapies, mesotherapy, Botox injection, Fillers injection, laser and electronic devices.

  • Credentials

    Naturopathic License in British Columbia
    Licensed in prescription, IV therapy, Botox/Fillers/Mesotherapy injections, Chelation, Oxidative therapies in BC

    Naturopathic Physician License in Washinton State (USA)

    Medical License, Bogota Colombia
    Member, National Board : Colombian academy of cosmetic surgery, Immunotherapy international society,  Canadian Obesity Networking society

  • Experience

    Private Practice in General practice,              Bogota Colombia
    Private practice in cosmetic surgery,             Bogota Colombia
    Private practice in homeopathic medicine:    Bogota Colombia Toronto Canada
    Co-developer of Homeopathic medical products Infinity Health and Cosmetics
    Co-developer of Homeopathic medical books  Infinity Health Cosmetics
    Co-developer of Tri-dimensional aesthetics Clinica Cordero Toronto
    Clinica Castillo of cosmetic surgery                    Toronto Canada
    Hospital intern and assistant in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Bogota Colombia, in liposuction, liposulpture, reduction and increase in breast, ritidity, abdominal aesthetic and everything related to aesthetic surgery
    Teacher of “Fundacion Instituto Colombiano De Homeopatia”   Bogota Colombia
    Teacher of “Fundacion Universitaria Manuela Beltran”, Respiratory Physiology, Cardio-respiratory semiology, alternative medicines.  Bogota Colombia
    Medical Director of Infinity Health and Cosmetics clinic

  • Continued Education

    Medical school Juan N Corpas                      Bogota Colombia
    Cosmetic Surgery Postgraduate Training   Bogota Colombia
    Phalisades Pharmaceutical                                  New Jersey USA
    Luis G Paez Homeopathic medical University :    Bogota Colombia
    Luis G Paez Homeopathic medical University, advanced courses in homeopathic pediatrics, obstetrics, emergency, pharmacy miasmatic prescription, semiology, toxicology :  Bogota Colombia
    Medical Sclerotherapy, Promedical Dacor           Bogota
    Chinese Colombian acupuncture school              Bogota Colombia
    Institute international of immunotherapy   Paris France
    Advanced liposuction, Promedical Dacor              Bogota
    Institute International of ozonotherapy               Switzerland/Germany
    Chopra Center of Ayurvedic Medicine                 California USA
    Training in cosmetic surgery and local anesthesia with Dr.Castillo M.D.   Toronto Canada
    Advances in Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Ellman Educational Institute New Jersey
    Classical Cosmetic Care and acupuncture            Markham Ontario
    Comprehensive training Cynosure laser system, Toronto
    Advanced Laser training . Fotona Lasers Toronto.
    Thread lift, trained with Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland MD | Plastic Surgeon Toronto
    Vein treatment center, Fullerton-Kedzie Medical Center, trained with Harold Jaimes,M.D.   Chicago
    IV therapy, trained with  Dr Paul Anderson ND. Toronto.
    Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Doctor of Naturopathy.
    Comprehensive bioregulatory hormone University of Florida, department of Pharmacy
    Advanced Cardiac Life support and Basic life support. Health and stroke foundation Canada.
    Marsden Centre for Excellence : Intravenous therapy training for Nds.
    Naturomedic Dr. Michael Prytula ND Chelation therapies
    Naturomedic Dr. Michael Prytula ND Oxidative therapies
    Dr. Kevin Davison ND Prolotherapy level 3
    Anti-aging IV therapy, trained with – Dr Paul Anderson ND Toronto
    Neurological IV therapy, trained with – Dr Paul Anderson ND Toronto
    Aesthetic Eyelid and Facial Rejuvenation course 2018 at UCLA Stein Eye Institute, UCLA campus

Mickey Yu

General manager


Mickey graduated from one of the top universities in China- Peking University Medical School, she is the general manager and the director of the laser department in Infinity Health and Cosmetics. She has been operating lasers for more than 5 years, and often attends laser medical conferences to give the best results for our patients. Outside of work, she enjoys art, has a passion for graphic design, website design, drawing, and has sponsored many art related events in Vancouver.

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