Medical use of platelet-rich plasma


PRP could save those patients who need to do orthopedics from going under the knife. Current literature has exhibited that PRP injections are relatively safe and can potentially accelerate or augment the soft tissue healing process


PRP is huge in arthritis, and one study shows that it could be more efficacious than HA, ozone, and corticosteroids in terms of pain relief and functional improvement at 3, 6 and 12 months follow-up. This justifies why some physicians are confident enough to use PRP injections as first-line treatments for all osteoarthritis cases.

Muscle, ligament and tendon regeneration:

Studies have shown that tendons are known to respond well to Platelet-Rich Plasma, and it also has a long history with tennis elbow and Rotator cuff injuries. PRP is also widely used to treat patellar tendonitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Plantar fasciitis:

Studies have shown that the PRP treatment showed significant improvement over the steroid group for plantar fasciitis. Not only is PRP safe, but that PRP treatment provides a longer-lasting solution than steroids.

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