Pregnancy: What is your baby trying to say

Pregnancy: What is your baby trying to say?

by Dr. David Cordero ND


Here we will explore how you could identify the symptoms and signs that could represent the mental, emotional, and physiological characteristics of your baby. Those characteristics are the map in which we will base the treatment of your baby before he or she is born. Homeopathic medications are safe to take at all stages of pregnancy or labour.

Let’s review some of the common symptoms during pregnancy:

  • Nausea and morning sickness: Caused by high levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).
  • Breast tenderness: Caused by high prolactin levels.
  • Fatigue and lack of concentration: Caused by high levels of progesterone.
  • Frequent urination: Caused by enlarged uterus and pressure on the bladder.
  • Constipation: Changes in digestion caused by the hormone progesterone, increased water absorption in the large intestines, and pressure of the uterus on the rectum.
  • Backache: Due to ligaments stretching by the growing womb and enlargement of the pelvis.
  • Varicose veins: As your womb grows, it presses on the main arteries and veins in your pelvis, leading to the appearance of knobbly veins in your legs.
  • Heartburn: Gastric reflex that is caused by the increased pressure on the stomach from your growing bump, and also one of the effects of progesterone that relaxes the sphincter of the esophagus.

When I was doing my medical training, I had the fortune to work in a woman and pediatric hospital for one year. I attended more than 500 deliveries, participated in more than 100 caesarean sections, and was the attending physician during most of my patient’s pregnancy time. This gave me the chance to witness the incredible stories not related with the physiological effects of pregnancy. Later on after finishing my specialization in homeopathic medicine and while being in practice I understood it at all at once.



MM was a 38 years old expectant patient, who developed tremendous cravings for fatty and greasy food. Every night during her pregnancy, she had to wake up at night and eat such food. She developed intense fear to robbers and could barely stay home alone. Another interesting symptom that she developed was an intense sexual desire that she never had before. Her nausea was normal in intensity but severely aggravated by odours. Any strong odour could make her vomit and she could not even stand the smell of strong food. Her body temperature was always hot; she could not tolerate closed spaces and had to constantly taking off layers of clothing to feel better. Curiously, before pregnancy, she was a cold individual that had to wear double sweater and used additional blankets at night. Her temper changed from being a sweet and caring wife to an easily irritable and tempered woman who was always in the edge to fight and was extremely sensitive to noises, which made her angry. The last important characteristic was a sense of weakness and mental fatigue that does not compromise memory and concentration.

Her gynaecologist treated her physiological symptoms. Her major concern was constant mild vaginal bleeding that persisted during the whole pregnancy, but does not cause her major problems.

She had another previous pregnancy and it was totally different. I asked by curiosity about her first pregnancy and she told me that she developed tremendous anger towards her husband. She could not even tolerated him, they separated beds and she slept alone the whole pregnancy time. She became very sensitive and moody, crying easily, wanting to be alone and rejecting the care of husband and family. She developed intense desire for salty food and was very thirsty all the time. The whole pregnancy was healthy but she felt very weak and tired. Her sexual desire was totally gone and she suffered from constant headaches.

MM had two children and her pregnancies where catalogued as “normal” pregnancies and in reality she had no major issues. But why the difference in the mental, physical and emotional state during the two pregnancies?

When a woman is expecting, her own magnetic field interacts with the newly created magnetic field of the baby she is carrying, and that interaction creates sudden and noticeable non-pregnancy related, mental emotional, and physical changes. Some patients manifest very mild symptoms, some do not experience major changes, and a good homeopath would be always be able to find out the difference while treating the mom and the baby.

This patient came back to her normal self after the delivery; all the mental, emotional and physiological symptoms disappeared.

In conclusion, a baby could be treated while he/she is still in the uterus, and where there are still many things in the process of developing. This changes the future prognosis of the baby’s health. In the next few pages about epigenetics and homeopathy I will explain how the genetic tendencies could be modified with homeopathy.

Why you and your partner should take homeopathy long before you get pregnant:

At the moment of fertilization of the ovule, the new cell formed contains genetic information from both parents. The new cell then multiplies and each new cell is formed from the original DNA, carrying this particular information. The genetic map of a person is a mix of the parents’ genes.

The outside layer of the DNA is called the epigenome. The DNA codes remains fixed for life, but the epigenome is flexible and epigenetic tags react to signals from the outside world. The epigenome adjusts specific genes according to the environment.

Environment can affect Gene Expression

It is possible that what we are exposed to in our lifetime can affect our genetic expression. But not only that, once the epigenetic switch is flipped and the genetic expression is changed, it can be passed on in this altered state for several future generations. When both parents have the tendency, the possibilities of developing abnormalities increase greatly. For each gene there are about 50,000 epigenes present, and the possibilities of exposure and alteration are countless.

The genetic map can show particular disease tendencies, and future health problems can be prevented if addressed on time. A typical example is the gene BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, which put the patient at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Homeopathy and Epigenetics

In homeopathy, the genetic tendencies or reactions to epigenetic modifications are represented by what is called “miasm”. The three miasms that Dr Samuel Hahnemann described are called: psora, syphilis, and sycosis. Every person is considered to have the three miasm, and the percentage of manifestation of each miasm will mark the person’s possibilities to develop diseases. Cancer is for example, a miasmatic combination of “sycosis – syphilis – psora”. Sycosis causes the cells to growth and multiply abnormally; syphilis makes the cells to growth, multiply and invade surrounding and distant tissues; psora makes the body incapable of controlling this growing invasion and expansion. This is the clinical picture of cancer: a tumour that growths, invades, metastasizes and the immune system is incapable to control it.

The most powerful thing about epigenetics and miasms is that since we are dealing with genetic expression rather than actual DNA changes, the same expression is potentially open to being changed in both directions. In the same space, it could act as the cause and the solution of the problem. Homeopathy has the potential to modify the expression of the epigenome, changing completely the sickness map of a person and can change as well the inherited tendency toward future generations. Herein lies the importance of taking homeopathic treatment for both partners for long period of time before the pregnancy occurs, and also during pregnancy. Homeopathic constitutional treatment by a medical professional is necessary to assure the best outcome. Constitutional homeopathy has specific protocols and should not be confused with simple homeopathic preparations prescription. Anyone can recommend homeopathic remedies but only high trained medical professionals can do constitutional homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathic remedies are high-diluted substances, which interacts at energetic levels in the epigenome, creating a state of balance in health. While any other medication can only act at the major biochemical levels, homeopathy can reach small but more powerful energetic potentials. Since all the illnesses are contained in the three miasmatic expressions, they are susceptible to be modified for good.


* We do not promote self treatment in homeopathy for any cases- acute or chronic, it is strongly recommended that you seek a doctor medically trained for the prescription of homeopathic remedies.

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